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We are an authentic Thai massage spa.  We use ancient Thai massage techniques, which include stretching and pressure, coupled with modern massage such as Swedish and Deep Tissue, along with Hot Stones and soothing music.  We create a relaxing atmosphere that will take you away from the stress of this world into the halls of a Thai palace. You will feel like royalty with our traditional Thai hospitality.  

Our therapists are all trained in traditional Thai massage as well as other techniques.  Massage is very healthy and helps to relieve stress that builds up in muscles, joints, and bones.  Massage increases circulation and assists the body, mind, and spirit in natural healing and rejuvenation.  Come do yourself a favor and schedule a massage with us today!

Reflexology Therapy
Getting a massage

Most of our therapists are native to Thailand and have studied authentic, ancient techniques of Thai massage therapy that includes stretching and pressure to provide healing, reduce pain, and increase circulation.  Our therapists are all trained also in other techniques and are able to work with all clients of all body types and needs.  Thai massage therapy is proven to aid in the body's overall health in a variety of ways.  If you have soreness, stiffness, reduced flexibility, pain, stress, or diminished circulation, Thai massage can help heal all of these problems and provide relaxation.

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